Alain-Pierre Hovasse
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Alain-Pierre, (AP) creator of this web site and now Deputy Photo Editor for the National Post Newspaper ( in Toronto, Canada. Previously Photo Editor for the Associated Press in London, having previously worked as a news photographer throughout Europe and Russia, the Middle East and Africa for Reuters and Agence France Presse/ European Pressphoto Agency since coming back to Europe in 1986. Most recent project has been on Horst Faas' and Tim Page's book "Requiem". A book of photographs from the photographers who died during the various wars in Indochina since the 1950's and leading up to 1975.For the last three years I've assisted in various ways on the book, from making up the original biographies from material gathered by Horst and sent in by families, to sitting in with Horst and Tim during editing sessions. Recently, I produced a computer slide show of photographs from the book, accompanied with music, which has been very well received. This project is winding down for now, and I'm looking for something new, though working with these two legends on such a memorable book will be hard to beat.

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