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 OK OK!, the idea came to us in Moscow in 1991, when PowerBook hit the mass market and we realized that photographers could suddenly escape their feudal attachment to the mass distribution networks. That was then; We haven't really left "those" networks yet, but rather than wait to see what future technology they plan for us, Mercenary members have gone into passing gear, screamed to the front of the line and are helping to shape the future. This is an informal group of friends and like-minded photos news professionals.....
 Well who?
 Well, we're not a huge group, but there's David Brauchli, a man with ideas and a great sense of adventure. Nick Didlick, another similar powerhouse of ideas and digital leadership. Bill Swersey caught the Russia bug and is one of the creators the Russian InterFoto and a bubble maker, and an accomplished multimedia artist. A.P.Hovasse, former photographer, editor and multimedia artist, made and designed these pages, Joao Silva who has his own great site; Dan Sheehan in Seattle; Santiago Lyon, currently in Madrid and a recent addition to these pages, Andy Clark, a great character and outstanding photographer who will always be an inspiration for the wire. Last but certainly not least, Yannis Behrakis from Athens, who has, among other things, the essential magic touch; and Heidi Bradner, one of the original Mercenaries, who recently completed a long project on post-war Chechnya.
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 Why not?
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 Dave Brauchli lives in Prague and operates mostly in Eastern Europe, Nick Didlick works in Vancouver and fishes wherever he can, A.P.Hovasse currently resides in Toronto, Joao Silva has a home in South Africa. Peter Andrews is now in Nairobi; Dan Sheehan was in New York but is now in God's country in Seattle. Santi is never where you think he might be. Heidi Bradner is in London England, I think.Get the picture? We're everywhere! Photojournalism !


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